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How to get to the Hotel from Incheon International Airport (ICN)

1) From Incheon International Airport to Seoul Station via Airport Railroad
① At the Passenger Terminal (Incheon International Airport), you need to go to the Incheon International Airport Station, located in B1 floor of Transport Center to use Korail Airport Railroad (AREX Express). **Please refer to the attached map. ② Depend upon your arrival time to the ICN station, you can either take non-stop (Fare = KRW 8000, 43mins) or all-stop (Fare = KRW 3950, 56min) trains, which allow you to get to the Seoul Station. ③ **For more detailed departure time for the trains, please refer to the attached time table or website: (The website supports Chinese and Japanese.)
2) From Seoul Station to Cheonan-Asan station via KTX train
① Once you get to Seoul Station via Airport Railroad, now you need to buy KTX train ticket
(final destination: CheonanAsan station, KRW 14100) either at the ticket office (please refer the attached picture) or at the website: ** There are ticket office/information desk for foreign traveller.
② After buying the ticket, now you need to go to the ASSIGNED platform, which is written on your ticket. **Please make sure you take the right train. ③ The train will stop at Gwangmyeong (1st stop) and then will stop at CheonanAsan station (2nd station). The travel time would be within 35-40mins from Seoul station, so please listen to the messages carefully.
3) From Cheonan-Asan Station to Hotel:
① There will be shuttle bus between the ChoenanAsan station and the Hotel every 30min/1hr
4) From Hotel to SIM
① There will be shuttle bus between the Hotel and SIMS every 30min/1hr

- Onyang Hot Spring Hotel
- 1459 Oncheon Highway, Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea
- TEL: 041-540-1000
- FAX: 041-540-1234